Um pouco de tudo, inclusive de mim mesma. Nem tudo vai agradar, mas essa sou eu e as coisas que me cercam. Eu mudei muito, mas e dai? Minha cara e o meu nome continuam a mesma coisa, me interessa fazer o que acredito ser o certo. Ter opinião diferente não obriga ninguém a brigar com ninguém, cada um é livre para pensar, falar e agir como quiser de acordo com o que acredita ser certo. Cada um é responsável pelas consequencias de suas próprias palavras, pensamentos e ações.

Arte sobre Jesus Cristo

31 de Julho de 2020, por Priscila Frohmut Fonseca

jesus christ and the lost lamb

Encontrei no site oficial de A Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Ultimos Dias uma página que tem uma galeria de arte do Museu de História da Igreja. Nessa página tem vários obras sobre Jesus Cristo que fazem parte do acervo do museu.

My Testimony

30 de Julho de 2020, por Priscila Frohmut Fonseca

Everyone has their own way to name what is a miracle or not, It is based on what the person believes it is impossible, unbelievable, amazing, etc. For me, something that is simple for some people was something impossible, that could happen only with the help of God: my conversion. Here is my testimony.

Life Changes, Big Chances

Over the past years, things in my life happened in a way could not ever imagine before. My entire life I was somehow confused, a little bit disappointed about other people around me, and with a deep feeling of sadness on my own weaknesses. God knew me, but I didn’t know Him. He wanted the best for me while I was searching for happiness, achievement and solutions without trusting Him, by myself, on my own way. He wanted me to change in His way, not in the way doctors and psychologists could tell me. It is hard to talk about how it all happened, but I know somebody should know about how much He loves me, enough to change the way I feel about my past.

In my early childhood, I already had big problems with my family, and all other people around me. It is hard to remember how the problem began, but I can remember I was going to therapy with psychologists since I was six years old. I was still learning to read and write, and going to the doctor to deal with my shyness and my sadness. I didn’t want to talk to her, I just wanted to play with the toys and draw at the doctor’s office; talking was boring and now I can’t remember anything important I talked to her. At that age, I liked comics, books, drawings, and board games, but not people. God is a person, and I didn’t like Him also, I felt like He agreed with my sadness, so I didn’t like to hear about Him and to talk to any person about Him, or the scriptures, or going to the church – any kind of church. I was very young, but I blamed Heavenly Father for my problems at that time. But why going to the church if I didn’t believe those people there loved me, especially those ones who belong to my family? I was rebellious and I started thinking God didn’t love me either.

When I was about nine years old, things at home were getting worse, and everybody made me believe it was all my fault. I kept going to therapy, feeling bad with the psychologist telling me I was the one who should make changes. I was a child, but it seemed other people didn’t know it. I was still young, and becoming even more rebellious, because all the time people blamed me for everything. Then finally I started believing God doesn’t exist, because things in life was getting worse and I felt like He couldn’t listen to my prayers, so, for me, He was never there. I still want to cry, every time I remember the day I said “Shut up! There is no God!”

One day, I noticed there are spirits around us. So yes, there is some god somehow, I was thinking. When I was eleven years old, I wanted to talk to spirits, and I started believing in reincarnation, because of the many theories about those spirits everywhere around us. People in my family tree – my parents and also some relatives - just said I was a fool, but nobody strived to take the time explaining how things really are. My parents just decided to go to a different church, blaming the people at that one we were already attending. I was still going to therapy, but I couldn’t feel it would be helpful, I was going there for many years, I didn’t understand why going to the psychologist if nothing was getting better. My mother was still the same since I started going to the doctor since I was six years old, like everything was right, but it was not. I knew I was not the only one at home who should change, because hurting someone you love all the time on a daily basis without thinking to say “I am sorry, forgive me.” is the biggest problem I had to deal with about my family. I wanted to change my life, so I decided to make everything different. And when I was thirteen years old, I became a witch. Nobody could convince me to go to the church, because I was then a sorcerer, idolater, medium, and willing to be a fortune teller. I always was very different from other family members, and for me being different was not the problem.

When I grew up as an adult, things got even worse. Problems at home was always big, and after going to a preparatory course, I passed on the tests for University. I went to study Language and Literature at USP – Universidade de São Paulo, a course in Brazil we call Letras. I had many plans, and dreams about career, but I didn’t achieve any of them. After getting a lot of bad grades for more than three years, without passing on many scholar subjects, I gave up. I started to work, and I was not living with my family. Many jobs, with no success, a lot frustration about working. While I was trying to achieve my plans far from home, my father died, and after some months I was not happy about my stepfather. Finally, after a lot of failures, I had to come back home, to live with my family again.

I was very frustrated about so many bad things happening, feeling overwhelmed by the inability I had to make my life get better. But one day, at September 2013, I visited the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I had already visited many other churches, but I didn’t like any of them. But after the visit, the missionaries came to talk to me, and I knew this church was different. At the start it was hard to understand what was going on about the missionaries coming, but after four weeks, when they asked me to get baptized, I said “Yes”. I didn’t like the scriptures before, and I didn’t want to pray, but after many times being visited by the missionaries I was studying deeply the scriptures and praying with all my heart. Many members of the Church helped me to feel I was in the right place, with the right people, and I still feel this.

Now I understand what happened to me in the past. Everything in life has a purpose, and God knows what I need. Because I trust Him, now even if I can’t make my circumstances better, I can choose how to behave about it. The miracle already happened, because now I am a convert of the true Church of Christ. I know Heavenly Father loves me, and I love Him, for He prepared the way to make me the person I am today.