Celso Singo Aramaki NUSP 8074331 - USP Universidade de São Paulo/Gestão de Políticas Públicas na USP - EACH Escola de Artes, Ciências e Humanidades. Celso Singo is a visual artist, interaction and information designer. Develops Knowledge Design and Cultural Data Analytics for projects and startups in New York, Tokyo, Singapore and other cities. Special interest in Knowledge Frameworks Projects + Artificial Intelligence for research projects in the Humanities areas.

Snapshot of Brazilian Contents Industry - DCAJ 2014 - Digital Content Association of Japan - JP 文書

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Snapshot of the Brazilian Creative Economy


Celso Singo Aramaki - Student  USP Universidade de São Paulo EACH GPP Gestão de Políticas Públicas (Brazil)

Junichiro Egashira - Keio University (Japan)


This is a working version for an overview article about the Creative Industry in Brazil in the latest years 2012-2013. This version was later revised, translated, edited in japanese and published in the "Digital Content White Paper 2014" from DCAJ - Digital Content Association of Japan, a research agency related to
METI - Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan. DCAJ annually publishes the "Digital Content White Paper " which collates the market size of the Japanese content industry, government policies, latest trends in major content categories and media, and the latest trends outside Japan.