UBI Blockchain: a descentralized framework for

Universal Basic Income applications


Universal Basic Income UBI model projects can benefit from a proposed UBI Blockchain based distributed framework implementation  to manage and analyse citizens' generated data during its research phase.

As a unique UBI model project grows the UBI Blockchain can also scale itself as a production  stack, managing and connecting the lifecycle LCMS of many different UBI ecosystems.

Blockchain platforms has grown in the last few years because of the advantages of its native features such as decentralization, better security, increased capacity, immutability, faster settlement and transparency.

Blockchain is a cryptographically secure list of transactions and it's strength in enabling decentralized computing allows anyone to create Apps – such as Bitcoin or a proposed test UBIcoin,  which themselves are decentralized to strengthen social and economic transactions by self-enforcing tools such as smart contracts without high investment into development.

A UBI Blockchain stack can make citizens' generated data available to allow public policy researchers and social innovators to aggregate features as services to address the stacks of the ecosystem of microproblems, mesoproblems and macroproblems of our (network x network) society.

Universal Basic Income  is a promise of equal opportunity, not equal outcome. With a new starting line set above the poverty line, the citizen in the UBI Blockchain platform can have control of his/her own citizen-data and advance to have an active role in society, being secure to address microproblems such as sub-hourly tasks or retraining, and from the moment this citizen is caring about his/her self-sovereign identity he/she will be better positioned to face the mesoproblems such as the exponentially advancing technology that is replacing most human labour in the coming decades.

The collaborative nature of a decentralised data and bottom-up agent based participatory architecture in a UBI Blockchain ecosystem can bring researchers together to try innovative UBI model experiments with less costs.


Keywords: UBI, Universal Basic Income, Blockchain, UBI Blockchain, UBIcoin, UBI ecosystem, decentralised architecture, self-sovereign identity, citizen-data