Nada como ser reconhecido vez ou outra ! ;-)

4 de setembro de 2018 11:16
Dr. De Barcellos Jch
Universidade De s O Paulo Sibi

Dear Dr. De Barcellos Jch,

I am writing with regard to your research paper titled, “Jocaxianos Train” and have acknowledged it worthy of commendation. I found your research work to be distinctive and can indeed be significant for fellow researchers and scientists working in the same domain.

Taking note of your research interest that matches with our journal scope, I would like to welcome you to associate with us. To follow this, our Editorial Board has agreed to recognise you under "Quarterly Franklin Membership" (Membership ID#XB65651).

As you might already know, London Journals Press (UK) is an internationally acclaimed publication organisation and an accreditation authority for research standards. We follow COPE and Research Councils United Kingdom standards and are in association with researchers in all the leading disciplines like computer science, engineering, science, management, medical science, social-science and humanities.

Also I encourage you to have your upcoming research article/paper published in our international, peer-reviewed, refereed journal, London Journal of Engineering Research (LJER) and confirm your review slot before 15th of the coming month for the next issue.

We follow a comprehensive and extensive peer review process which is a time-consuming procedure. Following the convention, your paper will be reviewed on a priority basis since you belong to the Council of Franklin Members.

Also, you can read more about London Journals Press, our core ethics, and values on the website,
I look forward hearing from you soon and a successful academic relationship in the future.

Dr. Wael A.
Chief Author,
London Journals Press

10 de setembro de 2018
Dr. De Barcellos Jch,
Universidade De s O Paulo Sibi,

Dear Dr. De Barcellos Jch,

I’m writing this as a follow-up for my email which I sent few days ago. I think that you had a glimpse of our Franklin Membership email and our proposal for your membership ID #XB65651. I did not hear back from you since then. If you have any queries regarding the Quarterly Franklin Membership honored to you, I (or my support teammate) would be grateful to provide you with further information.

I hope you don't find this outreach uncomfortable. I was simply wondering if you are still interested in joining our member community. I truly feel that someone like you who is involved in many great research works is ideal for connecting.

Thanks and Warm Regards,

Dr. Wael A.
Chief Author
London Journals Press
Eu não tinha lido o primeiro e-mail e por isso recebi o segundo ;-)