Palestrante: John Brant

Título: Large Scale Refactoring -- Migrating Code to Other Languages

Local: Auditório do CCSL

Data e hora: Segunda-feira, 13/4, 14:00-16:00

Resumo: Sometimes projects need to switch implementation languages.
Rather than stopping software development and rewriting the project
from scratch, behavior preserving transformation rules can map from
the original language to the new language. These rules can be
developed in parallel to standard software development, allowing the
project to be cut-over without any loss of development time, once the
rules are complete. This talk discusses the experiences of using such
an approach on several migration projects over the past 18 years
including one that converted 1.5 MLOC of Delphi to C# in 18 months
while allowing the existing development to continue.

Obs.: A palestra será em inglês

Bio: John Brant has 20 years of program restructuring/refactoring
experience. He is the co-author of the Smalltalk Refactoring Browser,
the first widely-used refactoring environment for any computer
language. He has consulted on several very large migration projects.
Many projects were migrating Visual Smalltalk Enterprise-to-VisualAge
Smalltalk and VisualAge Smalltalk-to-Java. He also migrated C with
embedded SQL-to-Java, VisualAge Java-to-EGL, and Delphi-to-C#. The
Delphi-to-C# migration project was described in an experience report
at the 2010 International Conference on Software Maintenance. Some of
the companies that he has performed these migration projects for
include Misys, Sempra Energy, Jack Henry, American Express Financial
Advisors, and Cefetra.

In addition to migration projects he has also developed sales
forecasting and accounting software using Oracle and Microsoft Access
for North American Lighting, an automotive supply company.
Additionally John worked on a couple of Adaptive systems for Iron
Mountain Fulfillment Services which included a dynamic invoicing
systems and an adaptive system for describing and importing data from
clients which included core ETL and a domain specific language for
describing the integration rules. John has a B.S. in Mathematics and
Computer Science and a M.S. in Computer Science from the University of