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Cauê Mendonça Cardoso The Great Crash, 2008 by Roger C. Altman* " (...) The economic credibility of the West has been undermined by the crisis. This is important because for decades much of the United States' influence and soft power reflected the intellectual strength of the Anglo-Saxon brand of market-based capitalism. But now, the model that helped push back socialism and promoted deregulation over regulation - prompting the remaking of the British Labour Party, economic reforms in eastern Europe, and the opening up of Vietnam in the 1990s - is under a cloud. The U.S. financial system is seen as having failed. Furthermore, the Unite States and countries in the eurozone have resorted to large-scale nationalist economic interventions that undermine free-market doctrines. (...) France, Germany, and the United Kingdom have intervened even more extensively, each in a slightly different way, with Germany, for example, backing the full amount of all private deposits. The British government's banking interventions, when measured in relation to te country's GDP, are even larger than those of the U.S. government relative to U.S. GDP. All these interventions will stop the global shift toward economic deregulation. As President Sarkozy put it, "Le laisser-faire, c'est fini." Or, as Chinese Vice Premier Wang Qishan said more diplomatically, "The teachers now have some problems." This coincides with the natural and very long-term movement away from the U.S. - centric world that started after the fall of the Berlin Wall two decades ago." *Roger C. Altman is Chair and CEO of Evercore Partners. He was U.S. Deputy Treasury Secretary in 1993-94. "Se ao lado da biblioteca houver um jardim, nada faltará." (Marcus Tullius Cicero) Conhecimentos Paciência. Interesses Antropologia, Arctic Monkeys, Brahma, Filosofia, Gorrilaz, Green Day, Heineken, Interpol, Kaiser Chiefs, Panic at the Disco, Relações Internacionais, Sociologia, Teoria Crítica, The Cure, The Killers, The Smiths
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